Happy July 4th

Wishing a happy Independence Day to our US Followers

Because Freedom is Key, and globally, we want to make a special standing ovation to our US followers.

The US situation is one of the first priorities in terms of optimizing consumption and reducing waste by all meanings. Without a support from the US population, we will never succeed!

Wishing you to enjoy July 4th

Le sommet des Oasis du 8 au 18 juin 2020

Le Sommet des OASIS, une série de webinars et de conférences autour du thème des projets d’Eco-lieux et des moyens nécessaires pour en faire une réussite. Même si nous sommes au milieu de cet évènement, il est possible de prendre le train en marche. De bons échanges en perspective.le somme des OASIS

The OASIS Summit is a period of webinars and conferences around the Eco-lands and how to make a project successful. it is unfortunately only in French.





Through the riveting stories of five rural communities, the @RightToHarm film exposes the devastating public health impact factory farming has on many disadvantaged citizens throughout the US.

The exemple to avoid.this free link to the complete investigating movie is available until June 4th.

Right to Harm
the movie

Organic farming transition is a question of personal initiative

The exemple of Scott is showing why it is becoming possible to consider a global Organic network of farms.

Initiative must come from individuals.

I believe in individual initiatives similar to the exemple here as this is becoming massive since #COVID19 root back to ancestors’ survival needs which we did not care too much in recent decades. The Main positive point here is that this is developed over all continents. all individual initiatives must be highlighted and I find important to support the possibility of sharing, and support each other, even if the needs and situations can vary a lot from one case to the other.

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Doi Saket Farm news

since we get closer to the raining season, it is time to build up a Green house…


Wilo is building a open air one as well to make sure we take all chances..

as he says, he wants to cover this for:

– 5 % for the family, friends and team members’ food needs

– 75 % to sell locally and fund the next steps of investment needed.

– 20 % to donate to people in need.


the journey continues. thank you for your hard work!

live music experience (Saxophone)

Live 10 hours challenge with 2 saxophones

29/04/2020 program time with European time:

05:00〜 「Light with Bright」
G.Gershwin/3 prelude
5 min pause
T.Mashima/Moricone Paradiso
06:50〜 「Jazzy,Fazzy,Crazy」
T.Yoshimatsu/FuzzyBird Sonata
ShoichiAsai/Re-Myrninerest #19
5min pause
F.Decruck/Sonata en ut#
Phill Woods/Sonata
08:55〜「Love for Peace」
Saint=Saens/Oboe Sonata
C.Franck/ Violin Sonata
10 min pause
J.Brahms/Clarinet Sonata no1
J.Brahms/Clarinet Sonata no2
J.Hisaishi/Naushika suite
5min pause
P.Maurice/Tableaux d Provence
G.Schocker/3Dances guestCT
13:00〜「What is Music」
M.Nyman/Shaping of the Curve
A.Piazzolla/Le Grande Tango
5min pause
R.Binge/Concerto 2mov.
J.Ibert/Concertino da Camera
21:35 fin. maybe