Doi Saket Slow Life Farm, Thaïland

Despite the Lockdown and COVID19 general situation, the land is providing us a first class support.

We have now sufficient production for the Team in place and support people in needs.

There is still more to come as the greenhouse starts to be used and further vegetables will be available hopefully soon.

Without compromising with our policy of “Slow Life”, meaning no fertilizers or any kind of inorganic support, respecting the capacities of resources of the land and having a peaceful environment..

seed stage

Referring to the STAR Gate stage healing globally against the Coronavirus and being like all of you on lockdown, we initiated the seeding since yesterday.



several seeds from Thaïland are now in land in the south of France: Ridge gourd, smooth loofah, o.p. Chilli, eggplants (round and long), bottle gourd, sweet salad, roselle, Chinese cabbage, Bang Kong (bamboo leaf). Edible rape, and more “local” ones such as tomatoes, onion, strawberry, raspberry,…






land was perfectly prepared; we are excited to follow this during the next weeks…


be healthy and stay safely at home for the time being!


What do you want to do ?

New mail

French unit

The first piece of the french unit has been set up. Natural land with natural animal fertiliser (sheep) is set up. We will wait for a week before mixing it with potting soil.

Some recycled wood planks are due to arrive next week to fix some new pieces.

Harvest planed in April with the upcoming pink spring full moon.

Neighbours start asking questions… we will post news in the course of April.

Be safe and take care of yourself / your families.

UK recommendation for climat change

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