All Guilty

We are all guilty for doing this.

Actively if we throw away the Masks anywhere.

Passively if we don’t push people for education, governments to propose sustainable solutions…

We are killing Oceans!

Mask pollution on Seas

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Everyday Heroes in Chiang Mai’ Thailand Slow Life Farm

The day to day life in the farm in Doi Saket is becoming busy. Watch where we are today!

People like Vilo or Jason are putting all their efforts in making it alive and they do a tremendous work.

The community is growing and more and more people around Doi Saket aware of the community and come together to get on a daily basis fruits and veg, providing -if they can- some financial contribution.

We should have the same time of place around the globe to face the economical consequences of the Pandemic COVID crisis we are facing. If you have the same approach or can make a similar action, contact us and join the Slow Life Farm network.

An exemple of Anthropocene’ control disclosed by George H. Thomas M.A.. the aim of Slow Life Farm is to create a network of Victory Production Units to feed, share and exchange as human-beings.

Baikal Zen Stones

Natural Curiosity

Lake Baikal, in the Russian region of Siberia, is a massive body of water—the world’s deepest and most voluminous freshwater lake.

Baikal Zen Stone
Baikal Zen Stone

Its location and the surrounding geography can lead to fascinating phenomena in the winter, as ferocious winds and cycles of melting and refreezing build and sculpt works of structural beauty—stones supported on wind-worn pedestals, undulating surface ice, encrusted beaches, crazy icicles, frozen methane bubbles, and more.

Below, two interesting and beautiful images from the clear ice of Lake Baikal.




Hold Up

The documentary on the COVID crisis is a must to see.

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