Adapting to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are locked in southern France. The land in Thailand will follow it’s Natural growth in coming months with a local team maintaining it.

No room to travel, fine we adapt ourselves quickly.

We are about to open a new unit in France. This land had been maintained naturally until now.

We will implement the farm concept in coming weeks. For the time being. Please find the land at it is. We hope to bring veg and fruits in coming summer to the neighbourhood…

We invite the ones whom have an organic garden or land producing only naturally to join the GreenAlliance network!

COVID-19 and the necessity to be local

The evolution of the COVID-19 highlights the necessity to build local communities of food production and network them via IT systems only, not shipping at long distances food…

Having a local source of organic fruits and vegetables is the optimum way for a reasonable and responsible nutrition..

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A Bhutanese woman crosses the farming fields at Paro around 50kms from the capital city of Thimphu