Adapting to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are locked in southern France. The land in Thailand will follow it’s Natural growth in coming months with a local team maintaining it.

No room to travel, fine we adapt ourselves quickly.

We are about to open a new unit in France. This land had been maintained naturally until now.

We will implement the farm concept in coming weeks. For the time being. Please find the land at it is. We hope to bring veg and fruits in coming summer to the neighbourhood…

We invite the ones whom have an organic garden or land producing only naturally to join the GreenAlliance network!

The aim is to protect this planet

We have a mission to bring together.

Make this planet healthy and protect as much as possible these beauties.

This video is giving us strength as we know for what we fight.

If you are on the same stage, as a Gardener, a farmer concerned about your environment, or a consumer wanting to act pro actively for your Close environment, get on board. We will make locally with a large network of people having the same aim a real positive action for our Planet.