New Caledonia

We are using the pictures of Sébastien Mérion a photographer from New Caledonia to show you some endemic flowers and trees from this lovely small island.

Drosera neocaledonia
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Drosera Neocaledonia is an endemic carnivorous plant available only in the southern side of the island.
Deplanchea speciosa
the Deplanchea Speciosa is an endemic and unique flower as you can see.
Amyema scandens
Amyema Scandens is from the LORANTHACEAE family of flowers. A parasite growing on other plants in the main island, the isle of pins (closer island to heaven), and in Lifou island.
Xanthostemon aurantiacus

    Xanthostermon Aurantiacus is a plant available only on the Nickel mining areas of the island.

where the COVID19 comes from?

We are all starting to be affected by the COVID19 virus.

The question is where this is coming from? Watch more about the declarations of Dr Alan Cantwell, Dr James Lyons-Weiler and the amazing coincidence with the storyboard of the novel from Dean Koontz called “The Eyes of Darkness”.

Take care of yourself.

The Earthshot Prize

This initiative Earthshot Prize may be an interesting way to initiate new ways of thinking and generate a decade of progress for the improvement for the Planet.

The support of the WWF is bringing a label; let’s track the next steps to see if this is as interesting as it appears.