Hello Folks,

here is a short video of recent cruise done on the French Atlantic coast with MANUIA.

Unfortunately, the balm of the main sail was broken. Plus we had to escape from french’ military missile shooting zone by heading south with the engine and had to run 20 nautical miles with the engine. The volvo penta MB3D engine did not like it. still better then receiving a ground – air missile!

in parallel, a waterway seems to be present. not sure how heavy is this issue, but we have to seriously investigate this point… the Alex tropical storm of last week did not allow us to do much investigation, but should be free now to move the boat out and check this out.

hopefully, we will have some update within a week or two…

take care!


Manuia Sailing Boat

moving with Autonomy. 


Appart from the concept of being self sufficient from food point of view, we were wondering how to manage the Slow Life concept in terms of housing and moving.

We found the solution with a Sailing cruiser from 1974. Now we can move around the planet, have a #tinyhouse and not impacting so much mother Earth.

We have built a small bamboo house on the land in #Thailand, but the #covid19 pandemic and the #lockdown we faced changed a lot of plans.

In every situation, there is a solution, and an old #dream was kept on the back of my head with the ownership of a #sailing boat. I grew up on a Pacific Island (New Caledonia), where #sealife was simply natural… and our journey crossed the trail of #MANUIA. she is a 1974 #Ketch Coronado 35 vessel, strong en ought to travel around the world and ready to go after some reasonable maintenance. 

From next week, we will be on board to make the set up, do some test runs with close friends. move videos will come on the YouTube Channel.

For the moment, a page has been published on FaceBook for an extension of our #SlowLife concept of life, with SlowLifeSailing on MANUIA. Obviously I was on the #sea a long time ago and needed to update a bit the old competencies, therefore Updated a driving licence with Vincent at Bandol Ecole Richard and did some training with an old experienced sailor, Raymond on his RayJan. thank you Raymond for all your support! 

From next week, move video will come from the YouTube Channel about the maintenance, preparing safety equipment, doing some trials to make sure she vessel is ready for a first journey. It will be a good opportunity to bring her back from Atlantic west coast of France in Royan, to our current living place in Bandol, on the French Riviera.   


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