Hello Folks,

here is a short video of recent cruise done on the French Atlantic coast with MANUIA.

Unfortunately, the balm of the main sail was broken. Plus we had to escape from french’ military missile shooting zone by heading south with the engine and had to run 20 nautical miles with the engine. The volvo penta MB3D engine did not like it. still better then receiving a ground – air missile!

in parallel, a waterway seems to be present. not sure how heavy is this issue, but we have to seriously investigate this point… the Alex tropical storm of last week did not allow us to do much investigation, but should be free now to move the boat out and check this out.

hopefully, we will have some update within a week or two…

take care!


SARS-COV-2 information in French


prenez connaissance de ceci pour être au mieux préparé à cette pandémie.

Quelles sont les caractéristiques principales du Coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2 et de la maladie COVID-19. Dangers immédiats lors de la première exposition et dangers futurs lors de la deuxième, voire de la troisième exposition.

Pascal Borel est un entrepreneur, fils de médecin et toute sa famille est liée aux milieux scientifiques. Son grand père a travaillé Avec René Baire et Henri-Léon Lebesgue, son grand père est parmi les pionniers de la théorie de la mesure et de son application à la théorie des probabilités. Le concept de tribu borélienne est nommé en son honneur. Dans l’un de ses livres sur les probabilités, il présente l’amusante expérience de pensée connue sous le nom paradoxe du singe savant ou analogues. Il publie également un certain nombre d’articles de recherche sur la théorie des jeux ainsi qu’un véritable monument sur le jeu de bridge. Et sa grand-mère n’est autre que Camille Marbo, pseudonyme de Marguerite Borel (11 avril 1883 – 5 février 1969), née Marguerite Appell; elle est une romancière française, amie de Marie Curie, lauréate du Prix Femina en 1913, présidente de la Société des gens de lettres, présidente du jury du prix Femina.

Prenez soin de vous


Adapting to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are locked in southern France. The land in Thailand will follow it’s Natural growth in coming months with a local team maintaining it.

No room to travel, fine we adapt ourselves quickly.

We are about to open a new unit in France. This land had been maintained naturally until now.

We will implement the farm concept in coming weeks. For the time being. Please find the land at it is. We hope to bring veg and fruits in coming summer to the neighbourhood…

We invite the ones whom have an organic garden or land producing only naturally to join the GreenAlliance network!

Crowdfarmers statement regarding COVID-19l

Official communication with regards to the COVID-19.

We, the farmers who have started selling our products directly, thank you for supporting us. Now it’s our turn. Society comes together when we face an issue and now it is the best time to return this support.

We, the farmers who have signed this manifesto, commit ourselves to:

  • Fulfill the orders well and in time, while maintaining quality
  • Not raise prices despite the high demand for food
  • According to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), there is currently no evidence that food is a source or route of transmission of COVID-19. Even so, we are committed to complying with all recommendations issued by health authorities.

From each of our farms, we want to send you a message of encouragement. Finally, it is time for both the government and the rest of society to act in a coordinated and supportive manner.